Detailing own car?

Although dish soap is too strong, other non-abrasive cleaning products work quite well. Rub it with a sponge and a soft-bristled toothbrush in tight areas. It always, always, always starts with the wheels. The wheels are the dirtiest area of the car, so it is necessary to pre-soak them with a quality tire cleaner.

You'll need brushes to reach hard-to-reach areas, along with a washing glove and bucket separate from the ones you'd use in the paint. Retailers use a microfiber glove to wash cars because sand falls off when rinsing, making a do-it-yourself car wash much better. Ask three retail industry professionals what products to use and what application and extraction techniques work best, and you're likely to get three very different answers. After drying the car with a cloth, gently pull a clay bar (see next page for more information) over the body panels to pick up any excess dirt.

That's why it's imperative that you clean these four corners first, especially if the vehicle hasn't been detailed in a while or if you've just returned from a tough adventure of throwing mud in a 4x4. The steps to ban or detail a vehicle with a glove are extremely simple, and the next four steps are the most important. You'll see dirt particles bounce off the surface so you can vacuum them with your workshop vacuum as part of the details of your car. If I had the opportunity to learn more about the details of the car, I would ask the company that made the car what products are safe to use, as well as several tips so you can keep the car looking like new. Professional retailers always start with a rinse with clean water to remove as much dust and dirt as possible.

While everyone has their own product preferences and preferred detailing techniques, the following mistakes are the most common and should be completely avoided. But if you have a few free hours, you can detail your own vehicle from the comfort of your driveway. We also understand that you've run out of shampoo and you need a quick fix because you already have six beers and can't drive. Many car owners think that replacing their air fresheners or spraying the tire polish is all you need to do to detail the car.

And keep in mind that when you buy supplies, you'll have enough left over for more detailed work in the future. So if you have to choose between waiting and detailing your trip another day, or scrubbing the entire vehicle with dish soap, you should choose the previous one of the two.