Do auto detailers do touch up paint?

Paint repairs Any car retailer can repair minor scratches and scratches, but for more serious damage, you'll need to have it repainted by a body shop. For very small scratches and scratches, detailers apply touch-up paint droplets. Larger areas receive paint and a clear coat that is then sanded and waxed. So, now you'll wonder if paint correction corrects paint chips.

The answer is, unfortunately, no, since paint correction only involves polishing and polishing. Your local car dealer may offer to touch up paint chips, which is a valid option if your car has a basic color, such as black or white. Then a retouching is unlikely to be noticed. But if your car has any type of special paint, such as a metallic look, it's almost impossible to achieve the correct alignment of the particles with a touch-up.

This makes retouching much easier to notice. I want to make sure that you, as a reader, get great products for car details, so I decided to list my favorite products below. And, as mentioned above, this service is rarely performed by car retailers and, usually, only car painters. Professional Carwashing & Detailing is the leading specialized car wash magazine, providing auto care professionals, primarily car wash owners and operators, with the information they need to manage and grow a thriving business.

Since the market for automotive detail products is huge and there are many different products available, it can be very confusing and difficult to find high-quality products online. Car details can remove scratches and make a car look like new, but they can't repair chips in paint. The easiest answer, you would think, is to go to the local car cleaning service, get a detailed detail, and hope that this removes paint chips. If you have a car with a basic color such as black or white, paint correction can touch up the paint chip.