Is getting your car detailed worth it?

It's worth detailing your vehicle, and not just because it saves you from washing your own car. Regular details will have valuable benefits for your vehicle, from classic cars to everyday drivers. Some estimates suggest that you can receive 15 percent more than the average resale of your vehicle if you have your vehicle detailed both inside and out before you put it up for sale. Many large car detailing companies keep their calendars fairly full and, in my experience, don't offer the same quality of service as smaller companies with 1 to 3 people.

A study by the University of Nottingham indicated that more than 51% of drivers drop food, allowing bacterial and viral cultures to emerge. In the case of ridesharing, for example, not having your car detailed from time to time may not help you get higher ratings and tips, but leaving it dirty can damage your rating or reputation. While through a car wash, most of the visible particles leave the vehicle, only a thorough detail service can attack those covert particles and bacteria that often tend to hide in corners that cannot be accessed during conventional cleaning. Prices vary because stores offer different packages that may include more or less services, and retail stores often advertise discounted prices.

Cleaning the dashboard and spraying air freshener can be quite dramatic if you're not used to your car being detailed. There are many reasons why interior details are beneficial to you and your car, here are some of the most important ones. Often, people feel the need to have their car cleaned after spilling coffee on the seat or having a passenger drop their ice cream cone on the carpet. Basically, professional car detailing services are a more accurate or meticulous method of cleaning a vehicle.

In addition, the wax coating or sealant used in the detailing process is used to protect your car from UV rays and unwanted oxidation. If a car is never washed, eventually dirt, salt, and everything else will start to corrode a transparent coating. As long as there is no irreversible damage, such as huge rust stains on body panels, professional detail work can remove imperfections, such as minor scratches and some stains, if you don't normally detail your vehicle. Since these types of details sometimes fall into the more “extreme” category, you may have to pay a little more depending on the severity.

To protect your investment, the best option is to have your car cleaned and returned to its pristine condition by an auto retailer. Deep cleaning by a professional retailer will help reduce the dirt and dust that circulate in your car. But when done correctly, the details involve much more than a thorough exterior washing, waxing and interior cleaning. In the case of luxury vehicles, it may even make sense to take it to a body shop or, at least, to a retailer who specializes in advanced detail techniques, such as paint correction (i.

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